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Hazara Nation's First Museum

Museums play important part in representing a nation's culture, heritage and history. It is the place where you can trace back to the past of a specific group of people. Hazara nation is well known for their unique facial features and for some years for their brutal killing in Pakistan and Afghanistan. I belong to Hazara nation as well. We are the people who are famous for their hard working nature, clean houses and survival traits. Here in Australia, recently a Hazara girl Miss. Kubra Ali joined Australian Army. She is termed as "the only one of her kind". But, I know in Australia there are many more  Kubra Alis on the way. 
On the other hand, Quetta has been the home of Hazaras for quite long time. Hazaras were in Pakistan, especially in Quetta even before creation of Pakistan. So, they possess very rich and proud history in Pakistan. We have officers in Pakistan's arm forces and civil institutions. We have international level athletes and players representing the c…

Mashal Khan's Murder and Pakistan's new generation

On my smart phone when I was scrolling my Facebook feed, I saw a video in which a bunch of people was beating a young man. He was half naked and probably dead by that time but the angry mob was so agitated that it kept hitting the dead body with sticks. There were also young spectators with their mobile phones filming the whole situation. Without diving in to details I assumed that may be its a street fight among young people but as I went through details of the video I got to realise this incident took place in a University and all the characters in the video are students. My heart sank in to deepest despair since I was seeing the youth of my country acting like street dogs. Even street dogs have some mercy that when they defeat their opponent they live the battle ground but here we see university "students" beating a student who held no weapons and with whom there were no companions. The height of cruelty is crossed, when he was dead even then they kept beating him to ease…

The life in Australia- Reality versus Expectation

Well, its been 2 years since I am living in Australia now. By calendar, its 2 years but for my heart its many many more years. People in Pakistan think that life abroad is very easy, comfortable, lots of happiness and not heaven but heaven alike. It is just a baseless expectation. But, people are not be blamed for this misconception since their source of information about overseas are their relatives who live here and portray a false image of their lives. I remember when I was in Quetta, people who returned form Australia to visit relatives were seemed so happy and they were just telling the fairy tales about the place they live. For example, they talked about beautiful natural sceneries, big shopping malls, clean and wide roads, pure and tasty food and their big houses and big cars. That are the luxuries a common Pakistani dreams for. But, the expectation, the false image of "painted" western life is far different from the reality.  The reality, is the people  who painted th…

Tanzeem's Current Situation- How People Can be so cruel?

Tanzeem Nasle Nau Hazara Mughal is a Quetta based educational, welfare, cultural and social organisation. It has been operating for 50 years now. Undoubtedly, this is one of the oldest welfare organisation of the Hazara nation. But, in recent days it is surrounded by many controversies and the reason behind this situation is Tanzeem's old members themselves. With out diving in to details, when I first heard of this hustle and bustle and knew about the problem makers. My believe on loyalty, commitment, honesty, professionalism and dedication shattered to a great extent. I thought that the people who went on to make another parallel "Tanzeem" are those who were once die heart "Tanzeemis". They have spent 20, 30 years of their lives associated and working with that organisation.  I questioned myself repeatedly, that how can they do this to their very own organisation?. If they had any type of reservations and concerns they could have dealt with it remaining in the o…

The Airport Near My Home

As we are currently living in Perth and our house is located at 15 minutes drive from Perth's international airport. It means that when a plane lands or takes off I can hear it clearly. Thus, this sound of aeroplane's landing and taking off  just reminds me of my country at least three times a day. When I hear this sound or see an aeroplane over my house while sitting in the backyard or drying cloths on the clothesline, amazing and strange thoughts cross my mind. I wonder that may be there is someone in these planes who is travelling to Quetta. I guess that may be someone who has left their home as well to live in here. Sometimes, it feels so magical that how a plane can take you to another corner of the world where you were born and lived half of your life. 

Being living in overseas for people like us who are from third world countries seems like a dream or another world. When I feel alone I wish the aeroplane to "Please lift me up and take me to Quetta". 
For me the …

Business and Trust

Business and trust are inter-dependent on each other. If you want to do business you have to trust your clients and your clients have to trust you. Trust deficit in working relationship can create numerous problems. Here, I want to share one of the experiences I had with my newly established business. I recently decided to start my own website designing company. With little planning and lots of passion and confidence I initiated this idea in to a project. Setup its social media accounts including a facebook page, named it the " High Tech Web Design". I was short of funds to establish its official website and to be honest I was not in a rush as well. I was just "checking the waters", the market and then I received my first project from someone my family knew. It was a simple website. We met and discussed how the new website of the "family client" should look like? I followed all the paper work. After days of working when the website is completed, I handed …

Yassmin's Story- A motivator

It is about two weeks that I finished reading Yassmin Abdul Magied's autobiography the "Yassmin's Story- Who do you think I am?". The book was a full pack of energy, a motivator and the collection of deep emotions of an Arab African girl growing up in Australia. It was important for me to read this book as a young muslim woman  who has recently came to Australia to live with her husband. I also face some challenges in academic and professional fronts and off course we all have adjustments problems. I will do justice to the book by saying that it gave very logical and moderate answers to the stereotypical views of western world about muslims particularly, in Australia. I thoroughly enjoyed the chapter on "Hijab". Yasmin beautifully explained that if you are doing hijab it does not mean that it will be a hurdle in one's professional or academic development. Yes, you will be judged but Hijab is something like a part of a muslim woman's personality. It&…